{July 3, 2013}   Hauntings




Ancient Graveyard at Glendalough, Ireland









A few days ago in Glendalough, Ireland, I photographed this ancient gravesite, which dates back to 900 A.D. One marker, St. Kevin’s, is dated 618 A.D., well over a thousand years ago.  All the  ancient sites in Ireland have graveyards adjacent–castles, towers, holy wells, monk dwellings, as well as prehistoric sites that date back to 400 B.C. Prehistoric graves in Ireland are identified by jagged rocks dug upright into soil while post-pagan, early Christian sites are headstones and Celtic crosses.  It is characteristic of all humans in every time and place to mark the graves of the departed loved ones with headstones. I was moved by the expressions of love displayed as I walked around reading faded inscriptions about those who once lived as I live now. This experience was poignant, particularly because my father does not have such a marker 18+ months after his death. When an ancient human ritual such as marking the burial place of a loved one is ignored, we lose our humanness, our civility and our souls.


Beautiful pic Lynn…

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