{June 5, 2013}   Not Just a Fairy Tale


Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved his Grandmommy. He thought she was nice. She smiled at him. But he didn’t know that hate lurked behind that smile. Grandmommy hated his mommy. She beat and raged at his mommy when his mommy was little.He didn’t know the bad things Grandmommy did to her. Because he was so young and innocent, his mommy didn’t tell him. Then one day when he was three years old, something happened that made him think that maybe Grandmommy wasn’t as nice as she appeared. One day when he was visiting her while his mother was on an errand, Grandmommy disappeared. He couldn’t find her anywhere. He wandered around the giant house crying and calling out for grandmommy for a long time, but couldn’t find her. The little boy’s mother arrived early to pick him up.  They both walked through the house calling for her. They walked up and down the stairs and even in the basement, but they couldn’t find Grandmommy. Finally, when they were just giving up and leaving, Grandmommy jumped out of the hall closet, holding the hand of her other grandchild. “Surprise!” she said. The little boy’s mommy asked her what was going on, Grandmommy told her, “We were just playing Hide and Seek.” The little boy didn’t like playing Hide and Seek like that.  His mommy told him not to worry–she wouldn’t leave him alone with Grandmommy ever again.

Years passed. The little boy grew up. He had lunch with his granddaddy every now and then, but he never saw Grandmommy. She never called him on the phone. She never mailed him a card or a gift for his birthday or Christmas like his Godparents did. She never attended any event at his school and never came to any of his baseball games.  Over the years he forgot about Grandmommy. He couldn’t even remember what she looked like. When his great-grandmother died, he asked his mommy at the funeralwhat Grandmommy looked like. Finally he spotted her across the room. She saw him, too, but she didn’t say hello. He told his mother that he wanted to say hello to Grandmommy. She said it was okay because he was almost grown up. So, he did. He walked up and told Grandmommy his name. In the car on the way home, he told his mother that Grandmommy seemed nice. His mother didn’t say anything.

Another year passed and the little boy graduated from high school. His granddaddy and godparents were there. Grandmommy was not. Then he moved away to college. He was happy about going to college. He had good grades and earned a scholarship. But the scholarship didn’t cover all of the expenses he had at college. Luckily, his granddaddy had saved money for him since he was born to help pay for college. On every birthday, his granddaddy would tell him that he just put money in his college account for the future. Every Christmas, his granddaddy would say the same thing. Now that he was in college, there was enough savings in his savings account to cover expenses. He was very happy and thanked his grandaddy for the wonderful gift he gave him.

Then, the little boy’s granddaddy died. Nobody expected him to die because he seemed so healthy. The boy was sad about his grandaddy’s death. He went to his grandaddy’s funeral. He sat beside Grandmommy at the burial.

The boy went back to college thinking everything was fine. But a few weeks later, his mother called him with bad news. She told him that Grandmommy had closed the savings account for his college. She decided to tell him about how mean Grandmommy had been  to her when she was growing up. She told him that Grandmommy was punishing him because Grandmommy had hate in her heart for his mother. His mother tried to get the boy’s money back, but Grandmommy said no. She threatened to take money from his college account to pay for her expenses if his mother didn’t stop asking for his money back. It appeared that even though Grandmommy had a lot of money, she wanted his, too. Grandmommy didn’t seem to want the boy to have his money for college that his granddaddy told him about. She locked up his college money and warned the new bank not to tell the boy anything about his money. Now he knew what his mother told him was true. He remembered a fable about the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” from a book his godmother gave him a long time ago. It was about people who act nice. Some people actually are nice. But some people will try to deceive by pretending to be nice. Those are the worst kind of people.

The little boy knew that he would still go to college, despite his grandmommy’s deeds. He made straight A’s all through college and kept his scholarship. He majored in Psychology so he could try to figure out why some people behave like Grandmommy. Despite all the bad things that Grandmommy did to him and his mother, he still had compassion for her. He felt sorry for her. She would die one day and never know what a great grandson she had. She had thrown away his love, just because of money. And that was the saddest thing of all.



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