{August 31, 2012}   Poet’s Corner

Tonight, the Decatur Book Festival begins. I’ll be reading at 1:30 on Saturday on the Poetry Stage at Java Monkey. For those who can not attend, here’s one of my poems:

Man Done Gone

It’s midnight and Jorma croons,

Another man done gone…

while I fold clothes, mine

and no one else’s. All my men

done gone, out the back

door as well as the front,

one even out the window once,

all those I thought might stick

around just to see what happens.

The man done gone lately

is my son, moved out to college

after growing a beard on his chin

over the summer. He took

the music in the house with him,

the guitar, the songs I’d sing

while he played and I cooked,

the piano riffs he’d make up

while I brought in groceries.

There was a time when I carried

him into the house like those sacks–

guess one day he’ll carry me.

But for now, I’ll lighten up,

carry less groceries, fold my clothes

neatly so I won’t have to iron,

and despite the men done gone,

keep straightening messes in the house

like somebody’s coming back.




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