{August 27, 2012}   My Father Sold Life Insurance

1411 Lynford Drive, Atlanta, Georgia
My Childhood Home on 8/26/12

My Father Sold Life Insurance


Back in the sixties, door

to door, in the black

neighborhoods and white,

separated as they were then

by visible and invisible

boundaries, he knocked

on doors and they let

him in, he smiled

and they let him in,

he shook their hands

and told them his plans

for their futures,

which was death

(of course) and loss

and poverty

(which they already had)

he said, do it

for the children,

do it, for the children’s

future, do it

for your wife

even if she just poured

out your vodka

and threatened your life

with a kitchen knife,

do it, just do it, be

responsible, pay

your policy and you

will be rewarded

in heaven while your

children will be

rewarded in life,

do it for them,

do it for you,

do it because it’s the best

thing in the world,

to die and leave

your kids and wife

a fortune. My dad

sold life insurance

door to door,

and when he died

I was told

he didn’t have a dime

of life insurance,

not a dime.


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