{August 22, 2012}   What Daddy Did While I Was Beaten


Napped on the Couch

Read the Newspaper

Watched Television



Went to the Store

Mowed the Grass

Left for the Office

Worked at the Office

Balanced the Checkbook

Swept the Porch

Brushed the Dog

Did Twenty Pushups

Planned a Vacation

Clipped his Toenails

Made a Sandwich

Crumbled Cornbread in Milk

Listened to the Phone Ring

Scratched his Ass

Counted his Change

Took a Shower

Ran on a Treadmill

Polished his Shoes

Stirred Bosco into Milk

Washed the Car

Clipped his Fingernails

Changed a Lightbulb

Waxed the Car


Pretended to Sleep

Took Two Aspirins

Stayed Asleep








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