{August 9, 2012}   Weeding

A poem I wrote today after spending the better part of it doing yard work.


“Yard work is the devil’s invention.”

–Luigi Ullio, artist

It’s a task that’s so neglected

the entire yard is weeds

I’ve been too busy to notice

with all the other needs.

Vines are covering the driveway,

strangling trees, climbing the house,

and covering the windows

like an ugly printed blouse.

Weeds are choking off the flowers

poison ivy’s in the herbs,

and shooting through the walkway

spilling over curbs,

wrapping the Camilla

falling from the trees,

nasty clumps, vines and creepers

as far as I can see.

Neighbors said to spray poison

that causes weeds to whither and die,

but the way that nature works,

it was likely, so would I.

So I’m in the yard barehanded

pulling up the English ivy,

digging down below the roots,

my fingernails are grimy.

Mosquitos bite me through my shirt,

ants swarm on my feet,

in spite of how my fingers hurt,

the humidity and heat,

I’m filling paper bags

with the whole dirty mess,

then running for my life

after finding a hornet’s nest.

But I’m starting to smell lavender

while I’m pulling up the weeds,

butterflies on the Lantana,

that I thought had gone to seed.

Lilies planted years ago

are growing near the swing

Gardenias are blossoming,

the yard is starting to sing.

Though the weeds will be back shortly,

there’s a lesson to be found here,

that in order to find beauty,

what is ugly must be cleared.


Princess3588 says:

“Yardwork is the devil’s invention” – do you know Luigi?

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