{August 8, 2012}   Family Stories

An aunt told me this story at a family gathering recently:

When I was four years old and my brother was two, my aunt rode with the family to buy a Christmas tree. While my parents were buying the tree, she was watching us in the backseat. We were getting restless and for some reason, I hauled off and hit my little brother. He started to cry. My aunt said, “When your parents get back, you’re going to be in trouble for hitting your brother!”  I replied, “Oh, it’s okay. He can’t talk yet.”

It’s a funny story because a four year old thought that if her brother was too young to talk, it was okay to hit him because he couldn’t tell.

It’s not a funny story if, instead of a four year old, it’s an adult who does the hitting and thinks it’s okay because the child is too young to tell anyone.

(Belated apologies to my brother)



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