{July 24, 2012}   Mother Grimm

There was an old lady

who lived by her pool,

who inherited so much money

she didn’t know what to do.


She paid for fillers and Botox

to to restore her vanished youth

but even with pricy facelifts

men she met could see the truth.


So she went on a jealous rampage

to destroy her daughter’s wealth

threatening her own grandchildren,

their livelihood, their health.


She cleaned out bank accounts

set up for the children’s college

hiding documents and papers

without her lawyer’s knowledge.


But when she looked in the mirror

at a face of hate and rage,

all the plastic surgery she’d purchased

couldn’t change her age.


Her husband’s money couldn’t save her

from senility and loneliness,

but she thought if she had the right haircut,

the right jewelry and dress,


that someone somehow would love her,

want the fortune she didn’t earn,

but what good are clothes and money

to one who could never learn?


Now the old rich lady

sits alone by her pool

with a nurse to push her wheelchair,

change her diapers, wipe her drool.


Her children have forgotten her

but recall how she behaved

when their father died and how she lied

about putting a headstone on his grave.



Even being rich, her beauty faded

like the classic evil queen,

and what is written on her own headstone

is: “To children, she was mean.”


rasinhell says:

Well written my friend!

She lost her mind, then her looks, and as the saying goes, a fool and “her” money are soon parted.

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